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We know how busy your schedule is, and we do our best to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Kwik Kar offers multiple services including oil changes, which can never be understated in importance. We always try to put customer service first so come by and get your quick oil change out of the way.

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Do I Really Need An Oil Change?

Engine oil changes are required every so often to ensure your car is running as efficiently as possible. Cars need to be taken care of, and that includes oil changes. The consequences of not changing your oil could be devastating.

Wear On Engine Parts

As time passes, the oil will eventually begin to breakdown. It will begin to lose the ability to lubricate the moving parts of the engine properly. This will cause wear on those engine parts. The more the oil breaks down, the faster the wear will occur. Wear on your engine’s moving parts will greatly shorten the overall life of the engine.

Less Efficient Performace

The breakdown of oil will create carbon deposits. These carbon deposits can clog the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve, and will cause the engine to run rougher and hotter. These clogs will accelerate the rate of wear on internal engine parts and increases exhaust emissions. Clogs can also cause the engine to perform sluggishly and will decrease an engine’s overall power.

Thermal Breakdown

The thermal breakdown is the process where the heat of the engine weakens the thickness of the oil. Old oil cannot maintain adequate thickness and will continue to degrade. This means that the oil can no longer properly cushion the internal parts of the engine. As the oil thins further, it slips past rings and seals and gets burned by the combustion chamber. This leads to smoke coming from the exhaust and increased oil consumption.

Benefits Of Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are very helpful to your car’s engine. An oil change involves installing a new engine oil filter and draining old engine oil. The old oil is replaced with fresh, lean oil, offers a plethora of benefits.

Clean Engine

Regular oil changes keep your engine clean and running as smooth as possible. When an engine operates, microscopic wear and debris particles flake off from engine parts and get into the car’s oil. Frequent oil changes eliminate these particles and ensure that your engine is lubricated with clean, quality oil.

Extended Engine Life

Clean engine oil reduces wear and friction. Wear and friction are the leading causes of engine failure. Frequent oil changes will reduce the chance of engine failure by reducing wear and friction.

We will make sure your engine is running in peak condition.

Lower Emissions

A cleaner running engine emits less exhaust than a dirty engine. Having clean oil will enable your engine to run cleaner. An oil change will replace old, dirty engine oil with clean engine oil. Clean oil is better able to absorb harmful engine particles along with by-product emissions.

Improved Gas Mileage

Getting an oil change will infuse your engine with quality engine oil that offers better lubrication. Cleaner oil also has better friction-reducing capabilities. Better engine lubrication results in less friction. Less friction will enable an engine to run easier and smoother. This will also improve your gas mileage.

Engine Performance Boost

New and clean oil will better lubricate your engine, allowing the internal parts to operate easier and smoother. This maximizes the engine’s mechanical output. All of these things will increase your gas mileage and also improve engine performance.

Types Of Motor Oil

There are four general types of motor oil. Each one is designed for a specific purpose and has its own individual traits.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic motor oil is best used in cars that demand peak level performance and high levels of lubrication. This type of oil provides higher viscosity levels, resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. It also helps fight against oil sludge. Full synthetic oil also improves fuel efficiency and by reducing engine drag can also increase horsepower.

All of the benefits that synthetic oil brings do come at a price. Synthetic oil can cost two to four times what regular oil costs. Make sure to ask your technician about what type of motor oil is best for your car.

Conventional Oil

Conventional motor oil is the most common type of oil. It is especially good for light-duty, late-model cars that have low to average mileage and simple engine designs.

Synthetic Blend Oil

If you want the best out of both synthetic and conventional oil, the synthetic blend is the way to go. Synthetic blend shares characteristics of full synthetic oil at a conventional price. This oil is a mixture of base oils, plus some additives, for extra resistance to oxidation. It also contains excellent low-temperature properties.

Synthetic blend is perfect for drivers that want to make the switch from conventional to synthetic oil. This is why synthetic blend is becoming increasingly popular among savvy drivers.

High Mileage Oil

High mileage motor oil is best used for older cars. This type of oil could help minimize leaks and oil seepage, reduce oil consumption and can also help decrease smoke and emissions in older engines. It is ideal for cars with more than 75,000 miles.

Langham Creek Oil Change Service

Kwik Kar offers the best oil change services in town, with customer satisfaction guaranteed. We welcome any questions or concerns, so contact us here. Langham Creek is an unincorporated area outside of Cypress, learn more here. For the best Langham Creek Oil Change Service, visit our oil change site here.