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Cars are everyday tools that help us keep the world running. Living without a car can be very hard. The importance of cars is the reason why we should always look after them. Maintenance repairs will go a long way in helping you keep your car in optimal shape.

An oil change could extend your engine’s life and save you lots of money. Car engines are composed of many different moving parts all working together. The oil keeps these moving parts lubricated. The lubrication helps reduce friction, in turn reducing the energy spent and the heat created.

Ignoring to schedule an oil change can have many consequences. Your car may become less efficient and other minor issues will grow into bigger ones. Kwik Kar guarantees a quick and reliable oil change the next time you stop by.

When Should I Schedule An Oil Change?

Langham Creek Oil Change Near Me

Quality service Langham Creek Oil Change Near Me

Oil changed are a simple yet very important part of keeping your car in top shape. There are many recommended timeframes for oil changes but you can also to refer to any of these signs below.

Dark Or Dirty Oil

The easiest way to tell if you are due for an oil change is the eye test. New motor oil has a bright amber color to it. As the oil becomes older and dirtier from the build-up of residue particles, it begins to turn darker, almost black in color. If you see that your engine oil in almost black, chances are that you need an oil change ASAP.

Checking the condition of the oil is a great habit to incorporate into your life. It is very easy and quick to do. All you need to do is remove the oil dipstick and look at the color of the oil. You can also wipe the end of the dipstick with a paper towel to get more accurate results. Once again if the oil is dark or black, schedule an oil change.

Ticking Or Tapping Noises

Engine oil is not immune to father time. Just as athletes decline as they age, so does engine oil’s effectiveness. After a while, engine oil gets old and worn. This is why it is recommended to change your engine oil frequently. Old engine oil will keep getting dirtier and thicker.

As the oil ages, it will lose the ability to lubricate the moving parts in your engine effectively. Consequently, your engine will likely start to make the various metal on metal noises because they are not properly lubricated. These noises are in a way cries for help from your engine to schedule an oil change immediately.

Engine Oil Odor

If you happen to start noticing a burnt oil smell inside your car, it’s time to take some action. This usually means there is an oil leak somewhere and it is causing the oil to spill on hot engine parts. It could also be a sign of insufficient oil and overheating in the engine. You should take care of the leak immediately and replace the oil.

Bad Fuel Economy

Gas prices are always too high. If your gas mileage is not what you remember it being, it could mean you’re in need of an oil change. The older engine oil gets, the thicker it will gradually become. After a while, it will turn into a sludge-like substance. Thick oil will allow more resistance in the moving parts of your engine, causing it to work harder and increasing fuel consumption.


If the levels of your engine oil are insufficient or just full of bad oil, the lubrication of your engine won’t be as good. This will, in turn, cause the engine to start heating up and eventually overheat. An oil change could solve the problem right away if done immediately.  You should not be driving your car while it is heating up. An overheating engine could cause very costly damages to your car.

Which Type Of Oil Do I Need?

Langham Creek Oil Change Near Me

Professional Langham Creek Oil Change Near Me

Each car engine is different. There are many factors to look at when deciding what type of oil you might need. Things such as age, model, mileage are all important to take into account when choosing a certain type of motor oil.

There are four types of oil, conventional, full synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage. Each one of these oil types will work ideally with a particular kind of car.

Conventional Oil

The most common type of motor oil is conventional oil. It is best suited for light-duty, late-model cars that have average mileage and simple engine design. Most cars will be able to use conventional oil as it is a very basic type of oil with generic benefits.

Full Synthetic Oil

Certain vehicles demand peak level performance and high levels of proper lubrication. Full synthetic oil offers high viscosity levels, prevents oil sludge, and resists oxidation and thermal breakdown. It also helps with fuel efficiency and can even horsepower by reducing engine drag.

Synthetic oil is very costly, two to four times costlier than regular oil. Inquire with your technician to find out what type of oil is best for your car. If you drive your car in extreme climates then synthetic oil could be your best option.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Langham Creek Oil Change Near Me

Great service for Langham Creek Oil Change Near Me

Synthetic blend motor oil is a mixture of both synthetic and conventional oil. It shares many of the characteristics of synthetic oil at a much lower price. Synthetic blend is a mixture of conventional and synthetic base oils with some additive for extra resistance to oxidation and excellent low-temperature properties. This type of oil is a great choice for drivers making the switch from conventional to synthetic oil.

Synthetic blend motor oil is a great balance between added protection and performance boosts without the high cost.

High Mileage Oil

Older cars are not to be discriminated. High mileage oil is designed for older cars with over 75,000 miles. This type of oil is very beneficial as it helps minimize leaks and oil seepage, reduce oil consumption, and reduce smoke and emissions in older engines.

Langham Creek Oil Change Near Me

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