Houston Quick Oil Change Near Me

When do you find a Houston quick oil change near me? Usually, you are forced to set up some sort of appointment or maybe wait a few hours just to get your car back. It may be an oil change but it certainly isn’t quick, and it’s not Kwik Kar either. Our auto shop has some of the fastest times for oil changes in the city. We are even able to provide you with additional features as well. The usual oil change can take a lot longer than you’d prefer to give. Since that can be a real problem for some people, we don’t want you to go longer without an oil change just because there aren’t any convenient options. Come to Kwik Kar and get your oil changed faster than ever. To sweeten the deal, we’ll match some of our competitors’ coupons for a discount. Hurry on over!

Why Do I Need An Oil Change?

When your car is low on oil, the condition of your engine will dwindle slowly. This is especially so if you are very low on oil or even out completely, the engine will deteriorate. You may be able to last a good 15 minutes before you see smoke starting to tumble out of from underneath the hood.

This is due to the fact that oil is a natural lubricant. The internal combustion engine was designed to utilize this oil for all of the mechanical processes within the system. The oil will run between the moving gears and belts to reduce the friction and manage the heat. Oil is able to withstand high levels of heat and pressure, and it will keep the engine running smoothly.

Unfortunately, when there is no oil, the gears and belts will run dry against the other heavy metal parts. When this occurs, your car’s engine will experience premature wear and eventually sustain long term if not permanent damage. That will subsequently be far more costly than your average oil change and may even ruin the car completely. This is why we recommend oil changes, if gasoline is the air a car breathes, then oil is the water it needs to survive.

What A Houston Quick Oil Change Near Me Consist Of?

At Kwik Kar, our oil change will come with a few added features. We will certainly top off your vehicle’s oil line, and make sure that your oil is not leaking or leaving too much sludge in the engine. Additionally, we’ll check the status of all the other fluids in the car. This will consist of checking the water in the radiator, and also other liquids like antifreeze, etc.. This is a great addition because many people won’t take as much consideration for these other fluids.


Furthermore, our team of specialists will also look over your engine. All of the hoses, filters and belts must meet the optimal requirements and we will make sure they have not sustained any damage over time. This is another excellent feature because, once again, people may not have the knowledge, awareness, or desire to work on their car themselves. Therefore, it’s important to keep them informed.

Once we perform all of these services, we will give your interior a full vacuuming. It’s the final touch that is going to leave your car driving and looking amazing. With an oil change, the performance will return to peak condition, and a clean entire will simply accentuate the new feel. To make all of this a hundred times better, we can do all of this in a matter of minutes. It’s possible that we’ll have your car back to you within the quarter hour. Kwik Kar gets its name for a reason! Kwik Kar wants to get you back on the road as soon as you get off it.

We Supply The Best Oil For Your Car

We carry all of the different options of oil for your car. Form conventional motor oil to custom high-mileage oils, and everything in between. The primary brand that we support is Pennzoil and they have never let us down. You will be able to get the great results you are seeking out of Penzoil whether it is a synthetic blend, pure synthetic or the original oil.

Of course, we understand that your car and your budget will ultimately decide which oil is best for you. However, we simply want to let you know that you can find your oil here. We have an arsenal of oils so large, that could support an army! Not really, but we definitely have enough for all of your needs. Come in and see for yourself, the right oil could give you up to 15,000 miles per change while another version may only offer 3-5,000 miles before a change is needed. Either way, we have the selection ready for you to choose!

Contact Us

As you can see, finding a Houston quick oil change near me isn’t as hard as you thought. Kwik Kar is ready to take care of all your automobile needs. We can do far more than an oil change but if that’s what your care requires, we won’t disappoint. In order to provide a service like this, we’ve got to have a special recipe. That includes passion and devotion to the customer, and also some of the highest quality equipment and software on the market. With all of these ingredients, you’ll find yourself having an excellent time getting back on the road. The car will look beautiful and drive even better. To set an appointment for your next oil change, just give us a call and we’ll get you started! You can reach us at (281) 345-6500 or visit our website! Otherwise, feel free to visit our location at 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084. We look forward to seeing you!


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  2. We are home to 3 professional sports teams
  3. There are more than 3500 restaurants on Westheimer Rd alone
  4. For more information about Houston, visit here! (http://houstontx.gov)