Houston Oil Change

Are you looking for an excellent Houston oil change? It may not be something that you might consider competitive, but we are constantly trying to improve your experience. To this extent, Kwik Kar keeps their customers coming back again and again. That’s because of the great treatment clients receive on every visit. Our oil change is unlike any other, we can not only provide a full package but we’ll do it faster than you could imagine. That’s just the service the Kwik Kar team is trained and prepared to give. You can come for your oil change and find that instead of waiting all afternoon, you’re back on the road before the turn of a half-hour. Now that’s Kwik! This article is designed to showcase the features of our oil change and why it stands apart from the other competitors on the market. Come check out our shop today!

What Happens To My Car If I drive Without Oil?

Essentially, oil is the lifeblood that keeps your engine running. Yes, you absolutely need gasoline to power the combustion engine but without oil, that engine will break down in less than an hour. It really is quite intriguing to think about. Your car can last decades and drive in excess of hundreds of thousands of miles with good treatment. Yet without oil, the gears inside the engine will grind down to nothing.

The oil is a natural lubricant and it can sustain the types of high temperatures and high pressure that you will see in an engine. Its purpose is to reduce friction and keep the car running smooth. This is why we highly recommend getting an oil change every 7,500 miles or within the time your last auto shop advised. Let’s keep your car alive and well!

Look No Further For A Great Houston Oil Change!

Our oil change service will go above and beyond your expectations. Of course, we will provide the oil to fill your vehicle, but there are other features that we offer for this package. It essentially a routine checkup on all of your basic fluids, too. We will make sure that everything from your water to your antifreeze is replenished.

We will also make sure that your engine is operating properly. This will consist of checking out the belts and hoses, as well as any filters in the engine as well. It’s important to keep track of this information because most drivers will not regularly maintain these areas of the car. It isn’t very accessible nor is it advertised. This is why we’ve added it to the package, too!

After we have changed your oil and inspected the other liquids and engine components, we have one more feature to offer. This will be a full interior vacuuming. It’s the perfect touch to your oil change because it adds a stellar aesthetic value that matches your vehicle. You will get back on the road feeling incredible. Your car will be running at peak performance, but it will also look and feel just as good!

What Oil Is Best For My Car?

This will be based on an array of factors. First, it will necessarily depend on the vehicle and the use that it receives. Second, it must fall within the range of your budget as well. Finally, you may want to use the same oil that your manufacturer specified. This will ensure that it runs in the best condition it was made to run in. It is not critical, but you should at least keep the same viscosity of your last oil.

Regardless of which factors apply to you, we offer all of the different types of oil that you could need. This consists of conventional motor oil, synthetic blends, and pure synthetic oil. We even have options for the high-mileage drivers, too. We support Pennzoil and their range of products because we have consistently found they are superior. However, we will happily work with whatever oil and brand you desire.

We Redeem Competitor’s Coupons

If you are a new customer and haven’t got the chance to try our service, we offer a few features to entice you. For those that were going to the auto shop of another competitor before this, keep the coupons! We want to let you know that some of the coupons that our competitors may offer you are available to be redeemed with Kwik Kar!

This will make it so much easier to come in for your first time and get the best service around. Depending on the type of coupon, we may be able to accept it and apply it right away. It’s one thing to get swayed by another company for their quality. Its another thing entirely though to have them offer both superior quality and a cheaper price! Especially if its a price you may already be used to. We just want to make the transitioning process easier for you. Whether you need a tire rotation, oil filter adjustment, or just regular maintenance services, our auto repair shop can take the coupons for any service we may offer.

Set An Appointment Today!

Our Houston oil change is one of the best in the city, and we don’t just promise a thorough check we go above and beyond. With the world’s leading brands of oil at the ready, and state-of-the-art equipment and software, we are happy to take care of your automobile. Other auto shops can’t provide this sort of service. They just aren’t as dedicated to their customers as we are. Kwik Kar ensures that your car will be replenished and ready for the road, with no hangups or long waits. This is the way that auto shops should be, and we are working to set a precedent in this industry. Fast, effective, and efficient work will always prevail. Please feel free to call us if your next oil change is coming up. You can reach us at (281) 345-6500 or visit our website! Otherwise, feel free to visit our location at 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084. We look forward to seeing you!


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