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Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar offers the best Houston Oil Change Service. An oil change cannot be understated in importance. Frequent oil changes can save you lots of money by preventing engine damages and extending your vehicles life

Nobody wants their car to breakdown. Engine oil is a huge component in your car. Clean and new oil will make your car run smoothly and efficiently. Old and dirty oil will decrease your car’s efficiency while also increasing chances for bigger problems.

Your car will give you signs for an oil change, but it is up to you to be aware and stay on top of it. Kwik Kar provides the best oil change in Houston at an affordable price. Kwik Kar’s technicians are certified and very experienced in dealing with both diesel and oil engines.

Why Do I Need An Oil Change?

You never actually see the oil in action. This makes oil seem somewhat unimportant and trivial, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Engine performance depends on proper maintenance procedures, including oil changes. The consequences of ignoring oil changes can be devastating to your engine.


When engine oil is allowed to remain past its recommended change schedule, it will begin to break down. As it breaks down, it loses the ability to lubricate the engine’s moving parts properly. This causes accelerated wear on the moving parts in the engine. The older the oil gets, the faster the wear occurs, shortening the overall life of the engine.


As old oil begins to breakdown, the chemicals react with oxygen and heat forming acids and corrosive compounds. These compounds will then go on to react with metals in the engine and cause increased wear. All of these compounds will also create sludge on engine parts interfering with critical clearances between internal moving parts. This will cause increased oil consumption, costing you more money in the long run.


If engine oil is not frequently changed, it will break down and leave carbon deposits and sludge that clog oil pump pickup screens and oil passageways. This leads the oil pressure to drop, supplying less oil to the engine. Engine oil can become so thick that it could choke off oil flow to the engine.

Inefficient Performance

When old oil breaks down and leaves carbon deposits it can clog the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve, and result in the engine running roughly and hotter. This speeds up the wear on moving parts and increases exhaust emissions. Your engine will perform sluggishly, and the overall power of the engine will decrease.

Which Oil Is Right For Me?

It is very important to buy the oil best suited for your car. There are four different types of motor oil, full synthetic, synthetic blend, conventional, and high-mileage oil. Each type of oil is designed to work best with certain types of car engines.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic motor oil is the best choice for cars that demand peak level performance and high levels of lubrication. This type of oil offers high viscosity levels, along with resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown, and helps fight the creation of oil sludge. It also helps with fuel efficiency and can help increase a vehicle’s horsepower by the decreasing of engine drag.

Full synthetic motor oil is pretty pricey, costing two to four times more than regular oil, so discuss with your technician what type of oil is best for you. If you drive during extremely hot summers or cold winters, or if your car is used for towing or hauling, full synthetic oil may be the best option for your engine. Older vehicles could also benefit from synthetic oil.

Synthetic Blend  Oil

Synthetic blend motor oil is the best of both conventional and full synthetic oil. It shares some of the characteristics of full synthetic but at a much more affordable price. This blend is a mixture of conventional and synthetic base oils, with some additive. These components offer extra resistance to oxidation and excellent low-temperature properties.

Synthetic blend is great for drivers making the transition from conventional oil to full synthetic. It is becoming increasingly popular among today’s savviest drivers. This type of oil is a great balance between the benefits of full synthetic oil and the price of conventional oil.

Conventional Oil

Conventional motor oil is the most common of the four types. It is designed mainly for light-duty, late-model cars with average mileage and simple engine design. Most car owners will probably use this type of oil.

High Mileage Oil

Some cars need a bit more help to run as smoothly as possible. High mileage oil is great for older cars with over 75,000 miles. Using this type of oil can help reduce oil consumption, minimize leaks and oil seepage, and can reduce smoke and emissions in older engines.

How Do Know If I Need An Oil Change?

Keeping up with your oil changed can be confusing. There are many different recommended timeframes for when to get an oil change. Some say every 3,000 miles while others say 5,000 miles and there many other opinions on the matter. If you’re wondering whether you need an oil change, look out for these signs below.

Dark Or Dirty Oil

Clean motor oil has a bright amber color to it. As the oil becomes old and dirty it will start to look darker and darker in color. This is due to the dirt and the buildup of residue particles in the engine.

Smell Of Burnt Oil

If you notice your car smelling like burnt oil, you probably have an oil issue. This usually means that there is a leak causing the oil to drip on hot engine parts. It could also indicate insufficient oil in your engine causing it to overheat. You should take care of the oil leak ASAP and replace it with fresh oil.

Poor Fuel Economy

If you notice your gas mileage isn’t what it used to be, you might need an oil change. Old oil becomes thicker and offers more resistance to moving parts, causing it to work harder and use more fuel.

Houston Oil Change Service

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