Houston Oil Change Places Near Me

Still trying to find the best Houston oil change places near me? Don’t look any further than Kwik Kar! Our work is thorough and effective. You will be able to rest easy while we are taking care of your vehicle. Getting an oil change can sometimes be tedious or time-consuming. We want to make sure that you experience neither stress nor time-wasted. The best aspects of our work are that we utilize the leading oil brands and keep ahead of the competitors with better quality equipment and service. You can even turn in one of our competitor’s coupons and have them redeemed with us. That way, if you are considering switching locations, you can still get a discount on your oil change like usual. Our goal is to take care of our customers and make sure that their cars are in good condition and they’re aware of what their car needs. Informing our clients keeps them just as safe as a new oil change.

What Can An Oil Change Do For My Car?

When your car is low on oil, it can completely damage some of the core components of the engine. Without oil, you may be able to run the engine for another 15 minutes at the max without seeing huge clouds of smoke. This is because oil is a lubricant used for the gears inside the engine. When the engine is properly oiled, the lubrication keeps the engine pieces from rubbing against each other directly.

However, if the engine has no oil, these gears and belts will be running at incredibly high speeds. All of the heat and friction between the pieces will cause high levels of wear that is absolutely premature. You could permanently ruin pieces of the engine because of the wear it is taking without oil. This is why we highly recommend you stay on top of your oil changes.

When you get your oil change, the result will be a total refresh on the engine. You will register a much better driving experience, and that is because the car is having a smoother time going through the motions. The less oil you have the more friction there will be and that will still cause dips in performance. Having an oil change within every 7,500 miles will ensure that your car stays in that peak condition.

Synthetic Oil vs. Regular

Of course, all options for oil are made from the traditionally refined oils. Yet, the difference is going to be in the additional components that come with each. For example, synthetic oil is a combination of additives and coagulating agents. It was popularized by Nazi Germany during the second world war due to the embargos that the allies were inflicting upon them. Instead of regular oil, they created large quantities of synthetic oil. As it turns out, this form of oil is actually far more effective.

The oil when made synthetically will be uniform in molecular structure. This makes it spread a lot smoother across the surface area of the pieces in the engine. That can help greatly reduce in buildups of sludge that might occur with regular oil. When it comes down to efficiency, you’ll find synthetic oil to be the best of the best. It can boast 5,000-10000 extra mile than your conventional motor oil. That’s certainly a huge bonus but it might be out of your price range. Synthetic oil is about 5-6 times more expensive and that is a reason why regular oil is contending in the market still.

Find A Kwik Kar For Houston Oil Change Places Near Me!

Our oil change service consists of a few great features, too. For example, instead of just getting your oil changed we will provide you with a check on all of your other fluids as well. Additionally, we will check up on your engine and see how the hoses, belts, and filters are. These are both effective perks because if either of these show to be damaged or in low supply, you could start to see damages occur in your car. Since these aspects of the car are not regularly advertised it can be overlooked. That’s why we throw it in, just to be on the safe side.

When all is said and done, we will finish off your oil change with a cleaning. We offer a full interior vacuuming so that when you get your car back, it not only drives like a charm but it’s clean and fresh on the inside too! Believe it or not, but our mechanics will be able to provide this to you all within a short period. Depending on the day, it may take just a matter of minutes! You may barely get the chance to wait in our lobby or grab a bite to eat! That’s what we want to offer our clients: fast and effective service that gets you back on the road in no time.

Get Your Oil Change Today!

You won’t need to look any further because Kwik Kar can offer the best Houston oil change places near me. We are always happy to take care of a new client because it truly helps them. Everyone who drives a vehicle can benefit from having their car tuned up or getting their oil change. A car is a part of their lifestyles and they need to depend on it to live their daily lives. This is why we get so much pride in working with our customers because something as simple and routine as an oil change can make a huge difference in their lives. Please feel free to contact us and get started. You can call at (281) 345-6500, or simply visit our website. Otherwise, come see us at 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084. We look forward to working with your car!


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