Houston Oil Change Near Me

Houston oil change near me is a common search topic in our area. Nobody wants their car to breakdown unexpectedly. Houston is a city that requires a car to survive in. Oil changes may seem like minor issues, but they are very important to an engine’s overall health. Deerfield Auto Repair and Kwik Kar provides the best oil change service in Houston.

Are you wondering whether or not you need an oil change? If so, here are some signs to look out for.

Dirty And Dark Oil

The most obvious sign for bad oil is when checking the dipstick in your engine. New and clean oil has an amber color, unlike dirty oil which looks dark and dirty from all the particles collected from the engine. You should check the condition of your engine oil every month. To check for dirty oil, remove the dipstick from the engine, wipe it off, and put it back in. When the dipstick is removed again, you will see whether it’s clean or dirty. If the stick can be seen through the oil, it is clean. If the oil is thick and dark, an oil change should be scheduled immediately.

Loud Noises

Clean oil serves as a thin barrier between engine parts that protect against contact between metal parts. Having clean oil also keeps your engine working quietly.  The lubrication is decreased with dirtier and older oil. Your engine will start to make louder noises.

Ignoring the engine sounds will cause for other noises to start such as knocking, rumbling, and maybe roaring. The noises are signs from the engine letting you know that an oil change is badly needed.

Check Engine Or Oil Change Light

You might need an immediate oil change if you see an oil change light turn on. Once this light is illuminated, make sure to check your oil level. If your oil levels turn out to be insufficient, schedule an oil change.

Exhaust Smoke

If your car is emitting smoke, check your oil immediately. Your engine may have an oil leak. Checking your oil will help you determine whether the issue at hand is an oil-related one or something totally different.

Oil Smell Inside Cabin

If your cabin has oil smells inside, it could be a warning sign for probable engine malfunctions. Often times, the odor will be strong and indicates a possible leak. This scent could also be mixed with gas or exhaust fumes. Mixed odors between oil, gas and exhaust fumes indicate overheating and oil being burned into the exhaust area.

High Mileage

You should always keep an eye on the odometer. Most people rely on odometers to determine when it is time for an oil change. Certain vehicles have different oil change schedules. For most cars, it is recommended to change the oil every 3,000 or three months. The owner’s manual for your car will contain valuable information for exact maintenance procedures.

Very Beneficial

Oil changes may seem very trivial at times, but keeping up with them is vital for the health of your vehicle. Scheduling routine oil changes bring multiple benefits. Your car will stay healthy and have an extended life. Frequent oil changes will also avoid excessive wear and tear and damage. In turn, you’ll save lots of money by avoiding very expensive repairs.

Having trouble believing in the importance of routine oil changes? Here are some risks of ignoring oil changes.


The old oil will eventually start to break down. As the oil breaks down, it becomes incapable of adequately lubricating all the moving parts inside an engine. This causes acceleration on the wear of all parts inside an engine. The further the oil breaks down, the more wear it causes, reducing an engine’s life span dramatically.


Old and dirty oil leaves carbon deposits and sludge that will clog oil pump pickup screens and oil passageways. The engine will start to receive less oil as the carbon deposits and sludge will cause the oil pressure to drop. If the buildup becomes thick enough, it could choke off oil flow to the engine.

Performance Issues

The carbon deposits created can clog the PCV valve, ERG valve, and lead to the engine running less efficiently. The internal moving parts will experience accelerated rates of wear. Your engine’s overall power will decrease and likely increase exhaust emissions.

Bring Your Car In

Kwik Kar has offers quick and reliable oil changes for gasoline and diesel engines, on domestic and foreign cars. We get that your schedule is busy and we value your tie accordingly. Our highly professional technicians will have you back on the road in no time. As you wait for the service to be completed, you’ll be able to enjoy cable television in our comfortable lobby.

The oil products we offer include Pennzoil Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic. We also have Castrol GTX, Shell Rotella T, Mobil1 Full Synthetic, and Chevron Delo for diesel vehicles.

Our team prides itself on delivering fast, quality oil change service at a very competitive price. We also accept most of our competitors’ coupons. Your car is very important to you, and we will serve you with that in mind. When you choose us for an oil change, you’ll be making a very smart choice.

The full-service oil change from us includes the following.

  • Check and top off fluids
  • Check and inflate tires to their proper PSI level
  • Inspect belts, hoses, and filters
  • Vacuum the interior of your car

Other Services Offered

We do also offer other maintenance services. Our maintenance services include changing fuel filters, cleaning fuel injectors and replacing cabin a/c filters and light bulbs. Radiator, transmission and power steering flushes are also included along with rotating and balancing tires.

Free Tire Pressure Check

Is your car’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) alert light illuminated? Lucky for you, we offer free tire pressure checks.

Batteries And More

Kwik Kar is a proud provider of Interstate Batteries, the #1 automotive replacement battery brand in North America. We also offer RainX wiper blades and also installation of headlight bulbs and lenses.

Houston Oil Change Near Me

Keep your car running smoothly and come to us. For more information on our oil change service contact us here. Houston is the fourth biggest city in the nation, with an approximate population of 2,312,717. Learn more here. If you want to say,” I finally found the best Houston Oil Change Near Me“, visit our website here.