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Are you looking into getting a Houston Kwik Kar oil change? We have a couple of features that might pique your interest. Our oil change is already going to be faster and more cost-effective than other options. However, we offer more than just an oil change. This service consists of several other features, too. The goal is to give you an offer that makes sure your car is looking and running better than before. Kwik Kar has many trained professionals who are specialized to make this happen. We can provide a multi-faceted array of services to keep our customer’s cars in peak condition. You might be able to leave our shop having your car driving better than ever before. In fact, you might be able to do so without even having to wait more than 10 minutes. The beautiful aspect of our system is it not only offers a comprehensive package but it will achieve this service in a very short period of time also.

Why Should I Get An Oil Change?

There are many reasons to stay up to date on your oil change. First of all, it is absolutely crucial for your engine. Without oil, the parts will grind against each other dryly. That means they will have high amounts of friction and heat to deal with. Most engines will only last about 15 minutes before catching on fire when they are without oil.

However, it’s not just about the survival of the engine. Your car will run so much faster and efficiently with a healthy dose of oil. The lubricant keeps the engine pieces running smoothly so they are not clashing together. This allows the flow of critical resources to meet and combust in more powerful methods. The result will be much better mileage and an overall increase in the conservation of energy.

We want to encourage you to get your oil change because of how extreme the results will be. If you go without oil for too long your engine will deteriorate faster and faster. The parts will experience premature wear that could take thousands of miles off of your car’s lifetime. In order to avoid this, getting oil at your local Kwik Kar will do wonders.

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What Makes A Houston Kwik Kar Oil Change So Special?

We simply offer a more comprehensive package. While most companies will only provide you with an oil change only, we have added more to our repertoire. That’s because there are more services that we can offer that will keep your car in great condition. We want to add more bang for your buck. Especially if some of these services are some of the ones that you might forget the easiest.

These will consist of the different inspections that we can provide. That will cover the other fluids in your vehicle aside from oil. We will happily check and refill any fluid that is in need of being topped off. Furthermore, the engine will be checked to make sure that the filters, belts, and hoses are working and intact. We want to offer scheduled maintenance specific to your needs and also compliant with the manufacturer. this sort of preventative maintenance is designed to maintain your safety and extend the life of the vehicle.

This will ensure that your car is going to running at optimum rates. Without these checks, many drivers will not be as up to date on these other areas of their car because they are not as popularly advertised. To avoid further damage to the car from overlooking these aspects, we’ve added them to our package. It will depend on the model of your car for the recommended scheduled maintenance but our services performed will at the very least guarantee 3,000 miles.

Imagine now, you have gotten all of these great services, including the oil change. Now add an interior vacuuming free of charge. It’s a great addition that will make the car look just as good as it drives. However, the biggest highlight that we are proud of is the fact that we can get this done in less than half an hour. Now isn’t that something.

The Best Time To Get An Oil Change

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Depending on what type of oil you have, you will be instructed to come back and get your oil changed at different times. While conventional oil may be more inefficient than a synthetic oil or a blend of both, they will be far cheaper. That is why they are more popular and sold more often than other forms.

Synthetic oil is going to be the best option you can afford, and it can potentially last you up to 15,000 miles. It is far more expensive, but many say that it’s worth it. The conventional oil is going to give you around 3,000 to 5,000 miles instead. As you can see it won’t last nearly as long as synthetic but the price is what keeps it on the shelves. Since most will opt for a synthetic blend, we would recommend that you get your next oil change every 7,500 miles, just to be on the safe side.

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Your car is going to love getting a Houston Kwik Kar oil change. Yes, it’s certainly a frequent affair but the quality of our service will stand out. We can provide another level of quality on top of the fast speeds we’re registering. This is going to help your car remain in its peak condition for a longer period. Now that it is clean, running smoothly and inspected for insurance, you can drive away feeling peace of mind. That’s a huge satisfaction that Kwik Kar is proud to offer. We always want to help our clients stay safe in front of the wheel.

The security of the vehicle is one of the largest factors contributing to this, and Kwik Kar has it covered! For more information, give us a call at (281) 345-6500. You can also check out our website, as well. Please visit a kwik kar location at 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084. We will make sure your oil change is one to remember!


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