Houston Brakes

If you’re constantly driving around Houston brakes can be worn quicker than you may be used to. There is so much traffic, and when there isn’t any we are on the move all over. It’s one of the largest cities in the world and completely on its own when it comes to the sheer amount of distance people might drive in a day. As a result, your brakes take a beating. Sometimes it is obvious that you will need new brakes, and other times you may need to just get an inspection and tune-up the condition of them. Either way, it’s usually not something people can or want to do on their own. That’s why Kwik Kar is proud to offer full support for your brakes. There are a lot of little details and components to the brakes that you might not even be aware of. Fortunately, our specialists are certified to work with all of them.

Kwik Kar Supports All Houston Brakes!

We are able to completely repair or maintain your brakes, piece by piece. In fact, just to showcase the process in a categorical manner, we have listed the different components that make up the brake. Each of these pieces will be capable of aid from our specialists. If they have been found to be damaged or worn, we’ll take care of them!


These are perhaps the most important component of your brakes, as it is directly causing the “braking” process. When braking, the caliper will be pressed down against the brake rotor on your wheel. The rotor is essentially a disc that is applied to the outside of the wheel’s axel and the caliper is going to be clamped down onto it. Through a serious known as differential braking, the calipers will initiate the braking process and with the help of the other parts, it will eventually slow the car down to a complete stop.

Brake Pads

This part is going to be the physical piece that presses against the rotor. It attaches to the caliper and will apply the force and friction to stop the wheel. Their design can withstand incredible heat and friction for thousands of miles. While it is an incredible feat, they’re really the unsung heroes of driving. Brake pads will typically be made of rubber, glass, and even kevlar. All of which are sturdy and capable of surviving high levels of heat. However, race cars will use brake pads made of ceramic fiber for their systems. These are incredibly expensive but absolutely worth every penny. We just don’t serve enough formula 1 cars to offer it here.


As we referred to it in the section on calipers, the rotor is going to be a thick metal disc that surrounds the axel of each wheel. It spins freely with the wheel as you are driving. This is known as “disc-braking” which is a modification to the original form known as drum brakes. The disc-braking systems were made popular around the 1970s and are the primary brakes used today.

Parking Brake Repair

The parking brake is a self-locking system, and it is primarily for long term brakes or protecting from rolling down a hill. If we find an issue with your parking brake, it will most likely be a result of a broken parking brake cable. Another possibility will be that you use it rarely or the lever is simply broken. Kwik Kar will happily replace and repair any parking brake for you.

Brake Lines

These are incredibly important components to the brakes. That is because they provide the brakes with brake fluid. These lines are made of metal tubes, and they release brake fluid as prescribed through a pressurized thrust from the master cylinder. If you have any issues with your brake line, it can render your brakes useless.

ABS Components

This term stands for “Anti-lock braking system”, and its essential function is to control the pressure that the brakes need for the drive. This is through a four-chambered pump that will be feeding each brake. Then, electronic valves enable brake pressure regulation. If you have any issues with these, please come and see us!

Master Cylinders

So your car is actually separated into two circuits, one for each set of wheels. This is to ensure that, should the brakes fail or leak fluid in one region, it can be contained. You will still be able to operate the other two brakes. As for the master cylinder, it’s role is to apply pressure to both circuits of the car. It uses two pistons in the same cylinder to keep the circuits at optimum pressure for brake use.

Brake Boosters

This is simply an addition to the master cylinder that decreases the amount of force needed to push the brake pedal. It will provide you with a smaller range of pedal movement to use your brakes.

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Come and get your car inspection today because Houston brakes take a beating! You can increase the performance of your vehicle enormously by doing this. Additionally, you’ll be making your trip a whole lot safer. These are the two priorities that Kwik Kar revolves around. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the service that brings you the best of both. When you’re getting your brakes checked by a Kwik Kar specialist, every aspect will be taken into account. We can happily offer repair service, replacements or simple inspections. All you will have to do is come set an appointment up! We have excellent discounts as well — for the quality of our service, they’re unbeatable! If you need to have someone take a look at your brakes, come by and let us help. You can reach us at (281) 345-6500 or visit our website! Otherwise, feel free to visit our location at 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084. We look forward to seeing you!


  1. This city has an underground pedestrian tunnel system with restaurants and movie theaters
  2. We are home to 3 professional sports teams
  3. There are more than 3500 restaurants on Westheimer Rd alone
  4. For more information about Houston, visit here! (http://houstontx.gov)