Houston Brake Shops


Did you know that Kwik Kar is one of the best Houston brake shops around? You can get all of your brake needs taken care of with us. The state of brakes in Houston is truthfully atrocious. We are constantly subject to huge spouts of gridlocked traffic and when we aren’t, the city has been spread out so thin that we can hardly travel for less than 10 miles to get where we need to go.

Over time, this can cause immense wear on your brakes and even cause long term damage. To ensure that your car is safe and ready for the conditions on the road, you should regularly check up with your brake shop. Kwik Kar is happy to say that they will be your best option. We are within the city and capable of providing top-tier service with the added bonus of still being a family run business. You will be satisfied with your new brakes and we will be too, knowing that our customers are no longer endangered by their brakes.

What Do The Brakes Consist Of?

The brakes of your car are incredibly complex and important pieces of machinery. Over time they have changed drastically from the original versions that cars were made with. Originally it was a drum brake, however around the 1970s they started replacing this method with a new form of braking called “disc-braking”. Today it is the most popular form of brake and is applied on almost all vehicles. In this section, we’re only going to cover disc-brakes because of how common they have become. They will utilize up to 10 different components that must all be calibrated to work in unison. We’ll briefly go over these parts and explain their role in the braking process below. If you have any further questions about your brakes and their condition, please give us a call or come visit us and have them checked out!

Types Of Brake Parts

  • Calipers
    • This is perhaps your brake’s most important component as it causes the braking process directly. The caliper presses to the brake rotor on your wheel during braking.
  • Brake Pads
    • This part will be the physical part of the rotor press. They will attach to the caliper and the force and friction it needs to stop the wheel will be through these pads. Our auto repair team can also do brake pad replacement.
  • Rotors
    • The rotor will be a thick metal disc that surrounds the axle of each wheel, as we mentioned in the section on calipers.
  • Parking Brake Repair
    • The parking brake is a self-locking system, it uses are mainly for long-term brakes or to protect against rolling downhill.
  • Brake Lines
    • The brake fluid provides brakes the ability to stop effectively without damage.
  • ABS Components
    • This term means “anti-lock braking system” and has the key function of controlling the pressure of the brakes.
  • Master Cylinders & Brake Boosters
    • This is important for both circuits of the car to exert pressure. It uses two pistons in a single cylinder to maintain optimal brake pressure on the circuits. The brake booster simply reduces the force necessary to press the brake pedal down.

What Will A Houston Brake Shop Do For Me?

We will be able to repair or maintain all of the components above. Kwik Kar has a full team of specialists who are certified to offer this sort of repair work. We can inspect the entire process and even flush the fluids and replace the valves or brake pads which have seen wear. This way, if you had to use our tow service to bring your car to our brake shop, you may be able to leave that day without having to get a rental car. Sometimes the brakes need minor adjustments and all it takes is a little inspection to clear it up.

Remember, We Can Redeem Some Competitor Coupons Too!

This particular section will focus directly on our new customers. For first time users who want to give Kwik Kar a try, we can provide you with a unique promotional offer. This entails the ability for you to use a coupon from your old auto shop. By this, we are attempting to match a competitor’s discount.

We have found in our history that people enjoy the cheaper services on their car. A lot of the times though, they are not going to be paying for quality when they choose that route. However, if you are going to use your old shop’s coupons, you may be able to get a service as good as ours for the price of the average mechanic. We believe that if you have access to our service for the price of a lesser, you will instantly see the difference — you will feel the difference, too.

Contact Kwik Kar For Your Next Auto Appointment

There are plenty of Houston brake shops around but none are like Kwik Kar. With our top of the line equipment and superior customer service, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deals around. We have discounts in place ready to make it more affordable and as we stated above, we’ll even take some of the coupons from our competitors! This is because we want you to experience truly high-quality mechanic work. Kwik Kar knows that you want your services to be cheap, convenient, and effective.

That’s why we have worked to make our services mirror these desires with total transparency. You’ll get the great work you’re looking for, and with brand new brakes in place again you’ll be able to get back on the road in no time. To get in contact with us for your brakes, or any other issue, you can call us at (281) 345-6500 or simply visit our website! Otherwise, please feel free to visit our location which is on 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084. Hurry on over, we look forward to seeing you!


  1. This city has an underground pedestrian tunnel system with restaurants and movie theaters
  2. We are home to 3 professional sports teams
  3. There are more than 3500 restaurants on Westheimer Rd alone
  4. For more information about Houston, visit here! (http://houstontx.gov)