Houston Brake Shops Near Me

Are you looking for Houston brake shops near me? If you haven’t come across Kwik Kar yet, you should definitely get in the loop! We have all of the services that your car might need. We will perform them with optimum care and efficiency. Our team is specialized in this area and fully certified to help with whatever issues your car has. Kwik Kar will not only do an excellent job but it will be done faster than you think, too. It’s our pride and joy to help our customers keep their cars in mint condition. When it comes to brakes, especially in Houston where the driving is largely through traffic, people truly depend on us to keep them running smoothly. We have helped countless drivers stay on the road by giving them brake checks, replacements, and repairs. We want to do the same for you, too! Let’s go through some of the services offered by our brake shop and show you what Kwik Kar can do for you!

What Kind Of Driving Will Damage My Brakes Faster?

There are several ways that you can drive which will actually do more damage than good for your brakes. It’s super easy in fact, and many drivers are not aware of how much wear you’re causing. We want to highlight a couple of ways that drivers do the most damage. In order to save the most, avoid these like the plague!

Overweight Car – When you are constantly adding a lot of weight to your car, that same force is applied to your brakes. This means that the brakes have to deal with far greater strength than they have been made to handle. Over time, warp or disruption will not be manageable and you will start to notice issues. Reducing your car’s weight can add a lot of life back to your brakes.

Stop and Go Traffic – We don’t want to blame you! We understand that driving in Houston means driving in traffic 9 times out of 10 but we still want t raise awareness. Even when you are stuck downtown and it’s very easy to get caught in traffic, you have to avoid it at all costs. It’s a great precaution to take. After all, you can add so much stress to your rotor and brake pads when you have to use them every few seconds. The heat generated from this can wear brake pads down and possibly warm the rotors. You’re going to want to get your drive as smooth as you can to avoid this sort of damage.

Reckless & Aggressive Driving  – There are some drivers that will speed through the streets carelessly, and slam their brakes to escape from crashes and riding curbs or even hitting people. It’s a very volatile method of driving that can be incredibly dangerous to both you and your car. As you may suspect, it’s absolutely awful for your brakes. High pressure and high heat–the worst combination your brakes deal with –is this kind of friction.

Symptoms Of Bad Brakes

There are also numerous ways to tell whether your brakes are bad. We provided some information below to help you tell if you have bad brakes, but if you have any further questions, Kwik Kar can help you to remain informed!

Loose Brake Pedal

One clear indication of worn brakes is when you press your brake pedal all the way to the floor. This means that your brake pads just started to wear and require more brake pressure. It comes just before you squeak, and you’re lucky if you catch it now. This sort of issue is showing the earliest stage of brake pad wear so you need to come and get a replacement before it gets worse.

Squeaking Brakes

Whenever you drive and hear your vehicle squeak as you brake, that’s a great way to tell if your brakes need replacing. This is caused by the fact that you’ve worn your brake pads down so much that they no longer hold full traction on the rotors. After hearing squeaking, you will definitely need to get a brake inspection. Another way to say is to wobble your car and shake your steering wheel for every brake. This will certainly mean you need new brakes because this is a clear indication of the wear of your rotors.

For A Houston Brake Shop Near Me, Try Kwik Kar!

Come to Kwik Kar to get your brake check now. We have the best access to the top of the line equipment and software that will keep track of your car’s auto mechanic history and the status of your car parts. There are dozens of treatments and services that can help your car, and getting a brake replacement is one of the best. Braking is one of the core components for driving and it consistently saves your life on a daily basis. Don’t underestimate your brakes, they are working for you!

Contact Kwik Kar Now!

We are the best of the Houston brake shops near me, and will certainly help with whatever auto problems you may have. As we said before our team is ready and capable. We have top of the line equipment and software to keep record and make sure your car is running fine. Kwik Kar dedicates itself to keeping our customers’ cars in great condition and giving them more insight at the same time. If a driver has more knowledge of their vehicles, they will be able to take better care of them.

It will also help when they come into the auto shop so they can provide better information to our mechanics. All of this helps the service go by faster and more efficiently. Having good brakes will not only increase the performance of your car but it will keep you safer, too. Call us now for an appointment at our brake shop, whether it’s for oil changes or tires — we can help! Our number is (281) 345-6500 or you can check out our contact information online. We hope to see you at our shop soon!


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