Houston Best Place To Get An Oil Change

Did you know that Kwik Kar, Houston best place to get an oil change, is closer and more convenient than you think? Our location can offer a ton of services for your automobile. Our team of specialists has years of experience and has all of the tools to get the job done. Whether you need full repairs or simple inspections we can handle both. The priority for us is to ensure our customers are driving away in a better state than when they arrived. We’re making sure that it’s fast and effective so you can leave soon and leave happy. Kwik Kar has been a growing auto shop for the last few years, and we’re proud to offer these services to the whole city. You can easily get in touch with us if you’re looking for more information on our services but for this article, we’ll focus on oil changes.

What Is An Oil Change?

Your engine needs oil to run, and it has to have a good amount or else there will be damage. In order to avoid this damage, we have auto shops that will offer the service to change your oil. When an engine has been used for a long time, it will eventually be susceptible to wear. There will be leaks or natural runoffs of oil. Over time you will have to get another refill to keep the engine satiated.

An oil change is when the auto mechanic will drain the current amount of oil from your engine completely. This is to ensure that there are no mix-ups of you change your oil from the last brand. Next, the engine will then be completely refilled with oil and flushed to make sure that it is running properly.

This is going to do wonders for the lifetime of your car, and you will notice that it drives far better as well. By doing so, we decrease the risk of damaging the engine or causing low performance. It can protect you from having to get replacements and also increase the lifetime of your vehicle by thousands of miles. In order to maintain your vehicle, an oil change is absolutely essential. It is the difference between having a great car that will last you a lifetime and one that will breakdown before you get down the street.

Why Kwik Kar Is Houston Best Place To Get An Oil Change

Our oil change service goes above and beyond the conventional oil change. We are able to do it faster and with a lot more features. While most companies only offer a single oil change as a service, Kwik Kar is going to be able to provide you with a few other inspections that will ensure your car is in its best condition.

These will consist of a check on the other fluids that your engine uses. By this we mean the water line, antifreeze, etc.. Additionally, we will also check on the belts, filters, and hoses in your engine. Being able to keep up to date on these other aspects will help maintain the lifetime of your vehicle and increase performance.

It can very important because many people overlook these areas due to how little advertisement they get. Eventually, there can be issues that arise which are just as dangerous as oil loss and that’s why we offer it to you in the package, too. To top it all off we will give your interior a full vacuuming as well. This will make sure your car not only runs better but looks better too! Remember, we did all of this within a matter of minutes. That’s just an example of how well our service stands up to the others.

How Long Should I Wait To Get My Next Oil Change?

If you purchased a synthetic oil and just had it changed, you could be looking at another 15,000 miles before you need another change. That’s because synthetic is by far the most efficient and durable oil on the market. However, since synthetic blends and regular motor oil are way cheaper they are still very popular.

Regular oil will most likely offer you around 3,000 to 5,000 on average. It will not work as efficiently but the price will certainly make up for the shortcomings. We have found that most choose synthetic blends that find a happy middle ground between price and efficiency. For these types, we usually recommend around 7,500 miles before you need another change. When you do need another change, come and take advantage of our special discounts and competitor coupon promotions! We know that good prices and good service will entice you.

Contact Kwik Kar For An Appointment

We are Houston best place to get an oil change for a reason. You’re going to be getting the greatest service around and it will show. The way your car runs after a good oil change is one thing. Knowing that your engine is optimized and your interior is fresh are two other great additions that lend a hand in the amazing result. Coupled with our great customer service and maintenance, you’ll be able to leave the shop in less than half an hour. This way there is no more issues having to wait all afternoon just for an oil change. Our team can have it done in a far faster time and it will be just as good of quality. Our number is (281) 345-6500 if you want to get started. You can also visit our website or our location at 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084 as well. Let us show you why we’re the best!


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  • Houston is the second fastest-growing major city in the United States, falling just short of New York City, and is poised soon to overtake Chicago and become the third largest city in the country.
  • The Houston metro area takes up 8,778 square miles, making it bigger than the state of New Jersey but slightly smaller than Massachusetts.
  • Houston might be known for its heat and Texas sunshine, but it has its fair share of stormy weather. The city gets an average of 45 inches of rain every year — about 10 inches more than Seattle.
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