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Oil changes may seem like they are a small matter but without them, there could be many issues that could appear. That is why it is very important to stay on track of your oil changes.

Effects Of Old Motor Oil

Regular oil changes are very important, especially on high mileage vehicles. The lubrication motor oil provides is essential to keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Having old engine oil can have a multitude of consequences.

Engine Wear

Old oil that remains in your engine eventually starts to breakdown. As it breaks down it loses its ability to properly lubricate the moving parts in the engine. As the oil breaks down further, the wear will occur faster, shortening the life of the engine.

Engine Corrosion

The engine oil will start to breakdown, and the chemical contained within the engine oil reacts with heat forming acids and corrosive compounds. These compounds react with the metals in the engine and will cause increased wear. They will also create sludge and varnish buildup on internal engine parts, interfering with critical clearances between engine parts. This corrosion will then lead to increased oil consumption, costing you more money.


When the oil breaks down, it will begin to leave carbon deposits and sludge that can clog the oil pump pickup screen and oil passageways. This will lead the oil pressure to drop, supplying less oil to the engine. The engine could be damaged if the buildup becomes thick enough to choke off the oil flow going to the engine.

Performance Decline

The carbon deposits created by broken-down oil can clog the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. This will lead to the engine running rougher and hotter. The wear on the internal moving parts will accelerate and consequently increase exhaust emissions. All of this will cause the engine to perform sluggishly and decrease the engine’s overall engine power.

Thermal Breakdown

A thermal breakdown is a process where the heat of the engine weakens the thickness of the oil. Old engine oil cannot maintain adequate thickness and will continue to degrade. This old and dirty oil is not able to properly cushion the interval moving parts of the engine. As the oil thins further, it will slip past seals and rings and get burned in the combustion chamber. A thermal breakdown will cause smoke coming from the exhaust and increased oil consumption.

Pros For Oil Changes

Setting aside all the scary things that can happen with old and dirty oil, there are also positives when dealing with engine oil. Staying on top of your oil changes will have plenty of benefits for your car and your wallet.

Cleaner Engine

Clean and quality oil helps keep car engines clean and running smoothly. When the engine is operating, microscopic wear and debris particles flake off from various internal parts and enter a car’s oil. Regular oil changes eliminate these particles and ensure that an engine is lubricated with clean and oil.

Extended Engine Life

New and clean oil will reduce the amount of wear and friction between engine parts. Wear and friction are the two leading causes of wear and failures in engines, so keeping them minimized is always a good thing for your car.

Decreased Vehicle Emissions

An engine with clean oil will run cleaner and emit less exhaust than an engine with dirty oil. Getting an oil change will replace dirty and old oil with a fresh, clean engine. This newer and cleaner oil will be better at absorbing harmful engine particles.

Improving Gas Mileage

Clean, high-quality oil provides better lubrication and reduces friction more effectively than dirty, old engine oil. The better the lubrication the less friction in the engine. This will enable an engine to run easier and smoother while also increase gas mileage.

Improving Engine Performance

Clean motor oil allows the internal parts in an engine to operate easier and smoother, enabling an engine to maximize its mechanical output. This will not only increase gas mileage but also increase the engine’s performance.

The Four Types Of Motor Oil

There are four general types of motor oil. The four types are conventional, full synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage motor oil. Each one is designed to serve a specific type of engine

Conventional Oil

Conventional motor oil is like the name states, the more conventional of the types. This is the most commonly used type and it is ideal for light-duty, late-model cars with low to average mileage and simple engine design.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic motor oil is the right choice for vehicles that require peak level performance and top levels of lubrication. It provides higher viscosity levels, improves fuel efficiency and can even increase horsepower by reducing engine drag. This type of oil also offers resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown, plus assisting in preventing oil sludge.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend motor oil is the balance between synthetic’s best traits and conventional pricing. This is the best choice for drivers trying to make the transition from conventional to full synthetic motor oil.

High Mileage Oil

High mileage motor oil is specifically made for cars with over 75,000 miles. This type of oil is great for reducing oil consumption, minimizing leaks and oil seepage, and is also good for reducing smoke and emissions in older engines.

Deerfield Village Oil Change Service

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