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Many people are asking themselves, where can I find the best DeerField Village oil change near me? Oil changes are very important to your car’s maintenance. DeerField Auto Repair & Kwik Kar are the best stop for oil changes. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service possible. We have highly-trained and certified technicians with years of experience in both gas and diesel engines.

Oil changes should be quick and easy. Some car repair shops will have lazy and slow mechanics working in your car. These unprofessional mechanics will take much longer on simple tasks like oil changes. Your schedule is busy like everyone’s is. With Kwik Kar, your car will be back on the road as fast as possible.

Oil Changes

Cars need clean oil to run efficiently. Frequent oil changes help both you and your car. If you allow your engine’s oil to become old and dirty, there are many consequences that will follow.  Things such as poorer performance, loud noises, and oil smells will start to appear.

Your car engine is made up of many different moving parts. These moving parts are all working together to make your car run. The engine oil keeps all of these parts lubricated to prevent too much friction. The better the lubrication, the better the engine will perform.

What If I Don’t Schedule An Oil Change?

Some people think oil changes are not as important as advertised. For those people, here are some of the consequences of not keeping up with your oil changes.

Poor Performance

Your car engine is a system of many different parts. These moving parts are in constant motion and do come into contact. The lubrication form clean oil keeps these parts working smoothly, and minimizes friction. As time passes, unchanged oil will start to become dirtier and thicker.

Old and dirty oil does not have the ability to lubricate as well as clean and oil. More friction will be created and that will cause more heat to be created. As your oil gets thicker and dirtier, the harder your engine will work to maintain optimal levels.

Shortened Car Life

We all love our cars, no matter what model or year. Cars are a reflection of who we are and how we treat cars says a lot about who we are. The engine in your car will work harder the older the oil it has inside of it. This will, in turn, make your car extend more energy and get hotter and hotter.

Ignoring the issues and continuing driving will eventually catch up to you. As your car has difficulties performing at proper levels, it will increase the chances of other damages. Things such as clogs and sludge will start to have negative effects. Dirty and old oil will also end up shortening your car’s overall lie, costing you money when replacing it.

High Priced Repair

Ignoring oil changes will cost you lots of money. Your car will only be able to handle bad oil for some time. Eventually, something will have to give and your car will breakdown. Things that could possibly occur are clogs, wear, corrosion and engine overheating. In the long run, you will spend much more money on repairs than on simple oil changes.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to stay on schedule with your oil changes. You do not want to dig into your saving’s account with problems that could have been easily prevented. Your car will appreciate you caring for it, and will reward you by saving you tons of money.

What Type Of Oil Do I Need?

There are four main types of engine oil. The four types of engine oil are conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage. Each of these types of oil is designed for a specific purpose.

Conventional Oil

The most commonly used type of engine oil is conventional oil. Conventional oil is ideal for light-duty, late-model cars that have a simple engine design.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic motor oil is perfect for vehicles that want to perform at peak levels and have high levels of lubrication. Synthetic oil provides high viscosity levels, help to prevent oil sludge, and resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown.

The price of synthetic oil can be two to four times that of regular oil, so make sure to ask your technician about what oil is right for car. If you drive in a climate with super cold winters or very hot summers, you could use synthetic oil. If your car is used for towing or hauling then you could also use synthetic oil. Old engines could also benefit from using synthetic oil.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend is the best of both conventional and synthetic oil. It shares many characteristics of full synthetic oil for a much lower price. Synthetic blend is a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils, with additive, for extra resistance to oxidation. It contains excellent low-temperature properties.

This type of oil is great for drivers making the switch from conventional to synthetic oil. Synthetic blend oil is becoming increasingly popular in today’s savviest drivers. It is a great choice for those who want extra protection and performance without the high price of full synthetic oil.

High Mileage Oil

Some cars are very old, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be driven anymore. With older engines, high mileage motor oil is the best option. High mileage helps reduce oil consumption, minimizes leaks and oil seepage, and can also reduce emissions and smoke in older engines.

Oil changes are sometimes easily overlooked. Kwik Kar is here to make this tedious task a bit easier for you. We provide service for both diesel and gas engines and our staff is highly trained and experienced. We promise to not take longer than we should on any oil change.

Kwik Kar doesn’t do just oil changes, we offer many other maintenances services. Repairs for brakes, a/c systems, and other maintenance issues are all covered.

DeerField Village Oil Change Near Me

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