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Finding the best Houston Wheel Alignment shop is now easier than ever. All you have to do is visit Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar and we’ll have your car back in shape in no time. We understand how busy schedules can be. At Kwik Kar we prioritize your time which is why we promise excellent service.

Our technicians are certified and trained to perform according to any legal standard there may be. Cars are very important every single day. Without cars, we wouldn’t be able to do much. We drive to work, drive home, drive to the grocery store and so many other destinations.

Keeping cars in great shape should be a priority for everyone. A car is a delicate machine when it comes to needing maintenance. Without proper maintenance, vehicles are bound to break down at any time. Getting your wheels aligned is very critical to your car’s well being.

What Is A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment is a critical part of maintaining your car in tip-top shape. The name doesn’t tell the whole story, wheel alignments actually have little to do with wheels and more with your car’s suspension system. The wheels of your car are mounted to the suspension system to give them the ability to absorb impact, bumps from the road, and moving up and down.

All of this stuff makes your ride much smoother. The components, though, can shift or bend for many reasons. When the components do shift, one or more wheels will no longer drive straight, and that could have a huge effect on a plethora of things.

What Can Cause Bad Alignment?

Many things can cause your wheels to get knocked out of alignment. The first and probably most common one is a sudden jarring or heavy impact. These things could cause components to bend or shift out of place. Things such as driving over potholes, bumping curbs, and minor accidents could all possibly cause your wheels coming out of alignment.

Regular wear and tear can also eventually cause your tires to come out. Things like shocks, suspension springs, and other parts will eventually start to age. As these parts wear out, they lead to slack in steering, loosened control, and shifts in wheel alignment. All of these issues could be prevented with regular maintenance.

Changing your ride height could also affect your car’s alignment. Suspension systems are properly designed to work at specific ride height. Adjusting ride height will take the suspension out of its optimal operating range, leading to increased chances of bad alignment.

Effects Of Bad Alignment

As stated before, nobody wants to suffer the pain of having a vehicle breakdown. The struggle to get help plus the overall costs of the repairs are always more than expected. A bad wheel alignment will only make things worse for you and your car. When your wheels go out of alignment, your car will suffer in a multitude of ways.

If your wheels aren’t lined up straight, the car’s ability to turn in either direction will dramatically decrease. Your car will likely also struggle to drive straight, constantly pulling one direction. The handling capability will also drop dramatically.

All of these effects will impair the lifespan of your tires. This will cause you to spend more money than you would like, with consistent tire replacement purchases in your horizon. It is also possible that bad alignment may lead to flat spots or tire blowouts from the added friction that is created when wheels are not properly aligned.

How Do I Know If My Alignment Is Off?

This is a very common question asked by drivers everywhere. There are a few symptoms you can look out for when checking on your wheel’s alignment. When you rotate your tires, check for any wear patterns in the tire tread. If you notice on wheel shows signs of increased wear, then it is more than likely out of alignment. This is the main reason why alignments are super important, they keep everything in place and spread the wear evenly rather than putting it on one single part.

There are other ways to tell if you’re alignment is off. You can pay attention to the way your car is currently driving. A car should be able to drive straight when the steering wheel is pointed straight. If this is not the case, then you might want to get your alignment checked. If your car is unexpectedly drifting to a side when driving, even when the wheel is pointed straight, it is a high possibility that you could have a wheel or two out of alignment. Another way to check is by looking at your steering wheel when driving straight. If you’re steering wheel is off while driving straight, you might want to check your alignment.

One more way to check for alignment is by paying attention to your car’s response when you turn. If you notice that it requires more force than before to steer your car, you really should get an alignment done as soon as possible.

The Benefits Of Proper Wheel Alignment

Getting your wheels properly aligned will go a long way in saving you money and improving your safety.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Gas is costly, especially if your car has bad fuel efficiency. Misalignment could decrease your car’s gas mileage by up to 10%. This is partly because instead of rolling freely, misaligned tires drag. This will end up costing you the money you could be saving

Smoother Ride

When your tires are not aligned properly, your vehicle will tend to pull to the sides, causing for a jarring, bumpy, and even vibration filled ride. A wheel alignment will smooth out your ride dramatically.

Improved Steering

Misaligned tires will make it harder to steer your car. A wheel alignment will improve your steering and hence improving your safety along the way.

Houston Wheel Alignment

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