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Have you gotten the chance to enjoy the service of Houston Kwik Kar yet? While you may not have heard about us until recently, we have been steadily growing. Our business is constantly finding new ways to make our customer interactions smoother and more efficient. When it comes to your car, you’ll want the most care you can find. Of course, it’s not just about the high quality of service, it’s also about how convenient it can be for customers. This is how we set ourselves apart from our competitors. This article is designed to elaborate on our business and showcase some of the amazing features that we can offer our clients. Feel free to come and explore our services after reading, we will leave a link to our homepage below. Remember, your car deserves the best care but you should have your time wasted. We can offer the best care without forcing you to wait — our work is fast and efficient.

We will make sure your engine is running in peak condition.

Oil Changes & Maintenance

Our team works around the clock to provide excellent service for our customers. When it comes to oil changes and maintenance, we do them fast and effectively. Your car is a lifeline and many people depend on it for all of their daily activities. We don’t want to burden you further by making you wait on simple services like these.

For this reason, we get your oil change finished in a matter of minutes. That includes the fluid checks, and engine inspections for the filters, hoses, and belts. Kwik Kar will even provide a full interior vacuum cleaning at the end. This way you are getting the best of the best within a timeframe that fits your lifestyle.

As for our maintenance services, these are some of the basic options that we provide for our clients,

  • Brakes
    • This will essentially entail the routine checkup of your brakes and brake pads to ensure they are up to standard protocol. Otherwise, you could suffer damages or even serious accidents without the proper use of your brakes
  • Windshield Wiper Replacements¬†
    • When the wipers have stopped pushing water away and instead just squeak and stutter across, you can come to us for help.
  • Battery Replacement
    • This is a mandatory change just like the brakes when your battery goes out the entire car is out of commission. We’ll make sure this issue is taken care of fast so we can get you back on the road.
  • Air Pressure checking
    • This will be another service alongside the others that is an important aspect to driving. If your pressure is off, you could risk damage to your tires and even a possible accident.

Most of these options can be incredibly costly if they are not treated right away. That’s why Kwik Kar is proud to say we have all the capabilities needed to provide these services.

Auto Repair and Maintenance Deerfield

Vehicle Inspections

The state of Texas requires an annual renewal of your vehicle’s safety inspection. It is purely to ensure that you are driving under the safest possible conditions. Kwik Kar is certified to provide this inspection as well as an emissions test to ensure your vehicle is operating within the legal limits. That only applies if your car is younger than 25 years. If it is older than 25 years, you will be exempt if you have a diesel based engine. Otherwise, our offer is open to you as well!

Additionally, you may be coming to Texas from another location. This means that you will have to transfer your vehicle to become cleared under Texas’ state registration laws. Our team can help you with all of the paperwork that requires and get you on the road with legal registration right away!

Auto Repairs

For situations that are more severe, or merely damages that are out of the reach of maintenance, we’ll provide repairs for your car. This will consist of the usual general repairs that a car may need. From the brakes to the tires and finally that little engine light that keeps bothering you as you drive. Kwik Kar is able to take care of that for you!

Furthermore, if the situation is worse than this, we can still help. This would refer to scenarios such as you getting into an accident and can’t drive to us. We have a tow service available that can bring your car to our shop. Also, if we can’t fix your car within the first day we have the ability to provide you access to local rental car dealerships as well. This way, we don’t waste your time having you go days maybe even a week or more living without reliable transportation. It’s not an easy way to live and we understand your needs, that’s why we offer so many protective measures for our clients. Their happiness and safety mean the world to us!

Contact Us

We have some of the best services around at our Houston Kwik Kar lube. Keep up to date with the state inspections, and have your car fixed back to mint condition. You can get your oil changed in record time, waiting mere minutes. As we stated earlier, that includes a clean interior and checks on all of your engine parts, too. As you can see, we want to spare no quality when it comes to taking care of your car. You deserve the best service and that’s why you’ll be satisfied every time you come to visit our shop. We can even accept some of our competitor’s coupons — our customers truly do mean the world to us. If you want to set an appointment for your next oil change, give us a call! You can reach us at (281) 345-6500 or visit our website! Otherwise, feel free to visit our location at 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084. We look forward to seeing you!


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