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Have you gotten a Houston brake check from Kwik Kar yet? Chances are if you’ve not been in a couple of months your car might be in need of an inspection. The brakes of a car will be taking a huge amount of friction and wear over the thousands of miles you may drive. Depending on how you use your car, they can be preserved or exacerbated. In order to stay on top of your car’s brakes, you should get a check every couple of months just to ensure you’re still doing alright. It is a particularly interesting area of the vehicle because of the complexity that goes into the makeup. You could be driving 30,000 miles across the country and still not need a brake check. Yet, only driving 8,000 in a crowded city will more than likely incur a brake replacement. As we said, it’s going to depend on how you drive. This article is going to explain how you can drive more efficiently, and what symptoms to look for in your brakes. Kwik Kar is your source for auto awareness and car maintenance!

Components Of A Brake System

We want to provide you with a little explanation on the pieces and their functions in the braking process. Here is a list of the pieces below, each part is absolutely necessary to have a full functioning brake.

  • Calipers  The caliper is what presses to the brake rotor on your wheel during braking.
  • Brake Pads – This is a piece attached to the caliper and is what actually presses physically against the rotor.
  • Rotors – The rotor is a thick metal disc that surrounds the axle of each wheel.
  • Parking Brake – The parking brake is known as a self-locking system, used for long-term brakes or to protect against rolling at angles
  • Brake Lines – They are essentially pipes of steel that the brake fluid passes through to get to the brake pads.
  • ABS Components – This term means “anti-lock braking system” and is the key function of controlling the pressure of the brakes.
  • Master Cylinders & Brake Boosters – A master cylinder provides the force that applies the brake fluid, while the brake booster makes it easier to press the brake pedal to stop.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bad Brakes?

There are several issues that might arise which would signal to us that your brakes have gone bad. It can vary due to all of the different parts that are utilized in braking so we will just name some of the most obvious signs.

Squeaking When Braking – If you come across your car making a very sharp and high pitched squeak each time you press on the brakes, this is a huge sign that you need new brakes. This is a result of the brake pads being very well worn. You need to get them replaced quick before they start to damage other areas of the brake system.

The Wheel Shakes When You Brake – If you notice that your car wobbles or bounces when you press on the brake, it can indicate brake wear. When the wheel vibrates like this it means that your rotor is grinding on metal. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately upon noticing the symptom.

You Have To Press Harder To Brake – This will actually be the first stage of brake wear. It is a representation of your brakes no longer requiring the same amount of pressure to stop the car. It needs more force to keep the same amount of friction on the rotor. If you experience this you should hurry to an auto shop before the issue escalates.

How To Drive More Efficiently

There are a couple of things that you can do to increase the lifetime of your brakes. For example, if you find ways to decrease the amount of stop and go traffic that you are involved in, it will relieve the brakes from being used as often. You might have to get an inspection once a year with driving like this.

Another way to help is to stop pressing on the brake as often when you’re cruising. Many people will get to the speed that they are trying to reach and simply hover over the brakes, using them very slightly. Well, that slight use will eventually build up over time. All of the heat and pressure will warp your rotors. You can increase the life of your brakes by not riding your brakes as frequently.

If you are driving with the pace of traffic and reducing the number of times that you are driving with an overloaded weight, these can also be great ways to increase your brake’s lifetime. However, all of these will do wonders for you and keep the heat build up much lower than the average driver. This way, you won’t have to get replacements nearly as often as you might’ve had to do.

Come Get A Houston Brake Check From Kwik Kar!

We are near you and ready to offer our services. Our team is fully capable of helping with your brakes. We will be happy to give inspections and diagnosis for any issue you may be going through. Your brakes deserve a break, and we can help inform you how to treat them and when you might need to get new ones. We can help you with replacing brakes and see if you need rotors replacing. We can also work with both the rotors and drums, and also offer drum brake replacements, too. Kwik Kar will make sure that the moisture in the brake lines is good, we will also make sure your disc brakes work to the best of their ability.

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If any of the symptoms above matched with your car, you should consider getting a Kwik Kar Houston brake check. It’s a precautionary measure that can keep you safe. Not only that, but it will preserve the life of your car and the parts within. Being able to make reliable and dependable turns, immediate stops, and general braking throughout the drive will do wonders for you. It can reduce the noise, the fear of driving more confidently and other issues that you were compensating for. With a brake check from Kwik Kar, we can provide any car services, repairs, or maintenance that you may need. Our team is full of specialists and experienced veterans who can help with whatever automobile problems you have. Call us now for more information, you can reach us at (281) 345-6500 or contact us online for your brake checks or any other auto services. See you at the shop!


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