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Having your wheels aligned is very important to your car’s overall health. The wheels on your car are what enables the vehicle to move, so taking good care of them is very critical.

Do I Need My Wheels Aligned?

Knowing whether or not you need your wheels aligned is not an exact science, but there are symptoms to look for.

Car Going Over To A Side

A car without aligned wheels will tend to swerve to a side when hands are off the steering wheel. If you notice your car swerving to a side even slightly, you should check with your mechanic about your wheels. A wheel alignment will stop your car from swerving to the side.

More Wear And Tear On Certain Tires

The tires on your car will gradually wear as time passes, that is normal. If you notice an uneven amount of wear between the tires, you may be due for a wheel alignment. To test the tires, measure the rubber depth on both sides of the tires and check if they all match or not. Wheels that are aligned properly will have equal rubber depth. Wheels that are not properly aligned will have varying rubber depths.

Unsafe Steering

Is your steering wheel moving sloppily? In many cases, this can be a sign of an alignment problem. If the steering wheel feels too loose as its being held, you might want to check your tire alignment. Other possible symptoms are lags in response time or turning your wheel and the car turning the other direction. Any unusual type of occurrence with your steering wheel could be a sign of bad wheel alignment. Always check with your mechanic to ensure proper wheel alignment.

Benefits of Wheel Alignments

Getting a wheel alignment service will go a long way in extending your vehicles life and saving you money, here are a few of the many benefits that come with getting your wheels aligned.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Wheels will not work together the way they should when not aligned properly. Unaligned tires will lead to your engine working harder to propel you forward and will reduce your car’s fuel efficiency.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

A bad wheel alignment will cause parts of your engine and car to wear unevenly and prematurely. Driving over a pothole or a bump on the road may cause your suspension system some damages. Damages in your suspension system can grow more severe with the improper wheel alignment. Overall, wheel alignments will help reduce the chances of expensive damages to your car.

Smoother Driving

With the proper wheel alignment, your car won’t be swerving sideways any longer. Having to focus on keeping your car going straight can be tiring, inefficient, distracting and even dangerous.

Better Vehicle Safety

Keeping up with your maintenance repairs will extend your car’s life and save you lots of money in the long run. Wheel alignments will also help you prevent unexpected car issues that could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Make sure to get your tires aligned before its too late

Extend Life of Your Tires

Your tires will benefit a great deal from being properly aligned. Tires are expensive and important. Without regular alignments, your tires will wear out quicker than tires that are properly aligned. When properly aligned, your tires work together efficiently, saving you money from buying a replacement set of tires.

Why Are Wheel Alignments Important?

When you buy a new car from the manufacturer, the wheels are aligned properly according to manufacturer specifications. This alignment includes aligning to multiple angles to get optimal vehicle performance and control. The primary angles are the front caster along with the front and rear toe and camber. When tires are properly aligned, a vehicle will respond effortlessly to steering and will maintain direction when driving.

Proper wheel alignment keeps your car driving straight and narrow, and also reduces costly and dangerous wear and tear on tires. Poor wheel alignment will increase friction between tires and roads. Increased friction leads to treads thinning, possibly causing a dangerous blowout.

What Could Cause Wheel Alignment Problems?

In some instances, wheel misalignment is a product of normal wear and tear. Each time you drive your car, you’re subjecting the wheels to great amounts of torque and friction. This results in the gradual degradation of components. Increasing pressure on shocks, springs, and tires will cause them to slowly slip out of alignment.

Things such as dramatic, jolting impacts could cause more drastic wheel alignment issues. Hitting a curb or a pothole, taking speed bumps too quickly, or experiencing an accident can knock your wheels out of alignment.

How To Prevent Wheel Alignment Issues?

There are many ways to prevent major issues in your car’s wheel alignment. You should take your car to a repair shop for routine checkups that include alignment checks. Our certified and experienced technicians use special tools to measure wheel angles and check to see if they match up with manufacturer specifications.

Proper wheel alignment can help prevent safety issues and driving problems. Additionally, you should also have your shocks and struts checked. Having poor shocks can cause more impact force on your wheels, resulting in faster deterioration. Wheel alignments are an easy way to ensure your safety, as many accidents can be prevented by having proper wheel alignment.

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