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Are you looking for a Deerfield Village Kwik Kar Lube to turn off your check engine light? Did a new symbol pop up on your dashboard but you don’t know what it means? Let Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar help. Below we describe a few of the possible warning signs and what you’ll need to do to clear your dashboard.

What Do My Dashboard Indicators Mean?

The following dashboard indicators. when lit, let you know that you need to bring your vehicle to an auto shop as soon as possible. Do not try to diagnose the problem yourself. These warning lights need to be handled by a professional. Your car may be unsafe to drive. At Deerfield Auto repair & Kwik Kar, we offer a tow truck service and special rates on rental cars. You won’t be off the road for long if you let us handle your warning lights.

Check Engine Light. Your check engine light, either words or a small engine symbol, lets you know that you need to bring your car to an auto shop as soon as possible. There are numerous reasons why your check engine may be on, and a technician must use a professional diagnostic tool to identify the problem.

Coolant Temperature Warning. If you see a little thermometer on your dashboard, your engine temperature has exceeded the normal range. You could have a leak, fan issue, or other issues related to your coolant and radiator.

Transmission Temperature. A symbol of a thermometer inside a gear indicates that the transmission is overheating. You may need more transmission fluid or coolant, but you should let us check to make sure. We’ll top your fluids off if that’s what you need.

Oil Pressure: An oil can with a little drip coming out of the spout signifies that there has been a loss of oil pressure. There could be a problem with your engine, or we may just need to check your fluid levels.

Brakes. The circle with an exclamation point inside of it is the brakes system symbol. Your car could have a variety of brake problems. In one case, you may only need to disengage your parking brake. Or you could have an electric or fluid issue. A professional at an inspection station needs to identify the real issue.

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Dashboard Indicators with Simple Fixes

The following indicators typically clue you in the things you need to be aware of before you drive off. You should be able to quickly and easily fix these issues and go on your journey. However, if the light remains on, you may need to visit us. There may be a more serious electrical issue or health hazard present. 

Fog Lamp. If your fog lights are on, you’ll see a little half-circle with squiggles. If it isn’t fogging, turn these lights off. Using fog lights when it isn’t appropriate to do so can get you a ticket. If you can’t see when you turn your fog lights off, you may have accidentally turned all of your lights off. Usually, pushing the lever on the side of the steering will turn your car’s lights on and off. You can twist a part of that lever to change the brightness of your lights. Make sure you know which settings turn on which lights before you drive at night.

Door Ajar. Your car lets you know when one of your doors is open. Even if you think you closed your doors, not pushing hard enough will cause this light to remain on. Make sure your doors are securely closed and can lock before you drive off.

Cruise Control. A little odometer symbol on your dashboard signifies that cruise control is on. When you have cruise control on, you might notice that your car maintain consistent speeds even when your foot is off of the gas. Press the brake or the button on the end of cruise control level. Doing so should disengage cruise control.

Gas Cap. A gas cap symbol lets you know that your gas cap isn’t tightened properly. Sometimes, this will also cause the Check Engine Light to turn on. Make sure your gas cap is secure before you drive off. If the light is still on, bring your car to Deerfield Kwik Kar.

Maintenance Reqd/Change Engine Oil (blinks then disappears). If your maintenance or check engine light blinks on and off for a few seconds, then disappears, it’s time for an oil change. You can still by for a few miles, but get your oil changed now to prevent engine damage or failure.

Battery (when the engine isn’t running). When you see a battery symbol but your car isn’t running, this is an indication that your car is running on your car’s battery. While this saves gas, your battery will drain and your car won’t start if you let it run too long without starting the engine. If you’ve run your car battery-only for a while, run your engine for a few minutes before taking off.

Why Should I Visit Deerfield Village Kwik Kar Lube?

Your dashboard has around 25 warning lights that could come on at any time. We only explained some of the most common indicators. However, we can identify and diagnose issues for any warning light. Take all warning lights seriously and visit our experienced auto repair shop as soon as you think you have a problem. When you put off inspection or ignore the warning signs, you take a huge risk. What starts as a low fluid level could end in total engine or transmission failure. You can save thousands of dollars by coming in for a diagnostic check. For engine repairs, the diagnostic is free when you approve our recommended repairs.

When your dashboard lights come on, call us at (281) 354-6500. Alternatively, you can contact us online. We can repair your car, no matter the issue. We have proudly served the Deerfield Village community for over fifteen years. Let us be your one-stop shop for all warning light diagnostics and auto repairs. We have top-rated customer service and top speeds, plus we are certified to give a full-service state inspection. For Deerfield Village Kwik Kar lube, oil, wheel alignment and warning light service, call Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar.

Fun Facts About Deerfield Village

  • Deerfield Village is 20 miles west of Houston, TX.
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