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Have you taken your car to the Deerfield Village Kwik Kar yet? You will be surprised at how smooth our business operates. We have some of the highest quality equipment to take care of your vehicle. So it won’t be difficult to bring in your car and give it the treatment it deserves. It’s no trouble for us, we always take great pride in tuning and inspecting vehicles. That’s because these vehicles are daily drivers for people, it is often their only form of transportation. We know that is incredibly important to you and your lifestyle, which is why our services will not hold you up. You will be able to come into our Kwik Kar and leave shortly after with long term results. Our team can offer you effective treatments that aren’t as time-consuming as you’re probably used to. However, that’s why we are Kwik Kar, we aim to provide higher caliber service.

We will make sure your engine is running in peak condition.

Oil Changes

When you get one of our oil changes the first thing you will notice is how fast it is. With our system, we are able to provide incredibly quick service that still provides more than the average offer. This entails the average oil change where we check and top off the oil. By the way, we also have the leading brands of oil, such as Pennzoil, at the ready for your vehicle. In addition to the oil change, we will even offer you a checkup for your other fluids in the vehicle like antifreeze. This will come alongside a checkup for your engine and all the belts, hoses and filters in the car. Once we finish with that, you’ll get a full vacuuming for the interior. Simple, fast, superior quality. That’s Kwik Kar.

Maintenance Services

Oil isn’t the only change that you might have to make for your car. Usually, the car will require some other updates in order to perform at its best. This will consist of getting your battery replaced, checking the tire pressure and even getting new windshield wipers. All of which can be a serious need for some vehicles. In order to maintain a secure peace of mind, we will also offer PMI (Preventive Maintenance Inspections) for those that are intending to take a long road trip.

Also, if you have a fleet vehicle or own a fleet, we have the ability to provide tune-ups and maintenance checks for your fleet as well. We have the infrastructure to take them into account and support your team when they need to get on the road. Just get in contact with us and speak on this specifically if you’d like more information.

Auto Repairs

When it comes to repairs, we really want to highlight our single day repair service. Depending on the severity of the vehicle you have the possibility of receiving your car within the first day that you brought it to us. This is a huge benefit for many people as they cannot afford longer durations without a vehicle. It is their lifeline and we want to make sure your car is alive and well. Not just functioning, but running at it’s highest performance.

Of course, if the damage is too serious we may need to work on it for longer than a day. When this occurs, depending on when the accident happens, we can provide you with a tow service to bring it to the shop. Of course, we will also provide you with the ability to get a rental car from one of the local dealerships. This is to ensure that your week is not jeopardized. It could be very tedious otherwise and we don’t believe inconveniencing our customers is a good form of business. That’s why Kwik Kar stays on top of the situation, we’ll help however we can.


Another incredibly important but very common service that we offer is the safety inspections. Every state requires its own basic levels of safety that need to be maintained in all vehicles. Our team will happily do this inspection annually for your vehicle. Additionally, if it is a car within 2-24 years old, we will also be able to offer the required emissions test that is mandated. If you have a diesel vehicle that is over 25 years then you’re exempt to this, so don’t worry we’ll only provide the safety inspection.

For drivers that are new to Texas, our requirements may be confusing or difficult to get your car adjusted to. Sometimes those sort of details is not readily available for newcomers. That’s why Kwik Kar is proud to offer the transition paperwork to register your car in Texas. You will be a legal driver within our state in no time.


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You will be surprised at the service we offer at the Deerfield Village Kwik Kar. Our quality is simply another level because we truly take into account what our customers need. Kwik Kar understands that you have a life to lead and there are things that you have to take care of during your day. That’s just a part of your lifestyle. We want to be able to fit seamlessly into your day, whether you have to check up on your repairs or get another oil change, we can give you the details or get the job done in a matter of minutes. This way, you can get back to what you need to do. We don’t expect you to enjoy waiting all day for something so trivial, and that’s why we offer such fast and effective services. We truly are Kwik when it comes to Kars. If you need to set a date and time to come in that works with your schedule, call us at (281) 345-6500, or simply visit our website. Otherwise, come see us at 3980 Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas 77084. We look forward to seeing you!


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