Locations Serving Houston TX

Welcome to our Houston location, your home for automobile services. You are going to find that everything you could possibly need when it comes to auto repairs is here. We have a complete automotive repair facility that is capable of handling foreign and domestic vehicles. This will couple perfectly with our state-of-the-art software that will keep all of your car’s records safe and organized. For drivers who have extensive histories with their cars or come from other locations, it will be a great relief to know your information is kept safe. There are always reasons for you to be more efficient and aware of your vehicle’s needs. Kwik Kar wants to make it easy to get the service your car deserves.

When you come to our shop, you will notice the professionality and order of our crew, we are constantly on the go. Yet everyone knows their place and is on the move to finish their jobs. We have been servicing the Houston area for over 15 years and still manage to provide top-notch service. This is in part due to how proficient our personnel is. At Kwik Kar, you can get almost all of the repairs or services within a day. However, some of our options will even be done in less than half an hour. Our oil changes only take a few minutes!

You can get all of the services for your vehicle here with us. We’ll be able to run diagnostic tests, state inspections, and all kinds of other assessments to ensure your car is in the best condition possible. Our specialties lay in both auto repairs and maintenance so we really are a one-stop-shop. If you are looking to set up an appointment, or need to know if we have the ability to fix your specific problem, give us a call! Our contact information can be found below, let us know how we can help. Kwik Kar is always trying to provide the most premium service on the market! With the help of a highly skilled crew and the top of the line equipment, we believe we can get the job done!