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Are you looking for a 77084 Kwik Kar Lube company to perform service on your vehicle? If you need an oil change, brake service, or more, visit us. At Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar, our professionals will take care of your car quickly and effectively. As if one service appointment isn’t already long enough, unprofessional auto service usually lands you back in the repair shop sooner than you expected. Not at Deerfield Kwik Kar. We know what we’re doing and we know how to do it fast. Furthermore, we’re a family operation that values community and communication. Save yourself a headache and visit us for your auto repair and maintenance needs.

77084 Kwik Kar Lube List of Oil Change Services

At Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar, we perform fast oil changes on most cars, foreign and domestic. We offer conventional, synthetic blend, full synthetic, and high-mileage oil in a variety of brand. Whether you prefer Pennzoil, Mobil1, or don’t care either way, we have it in stock. In addition to changing the engine oil and oil filter, we also perform several preventative maintenance tasks. Our entire oil change service includes:

  • Engine oil change
  • Engine oil filter replacement
  • Check fluids and top off if needed
  • Inspect hoses, filters, and belts
  • Check and inflate tires to their proper levels
  • Vacuum your car

To view more details and pricing information, visit this page.

Oil changes and filter replacement is an important part of car ownership. Maintaining a clean and well-lubricated engine prevents many other issues. Additionally, your car has better fuel economy when your oil is fresh and your filter isn’t clogged. On the other hand, dirty oil and filters cause engine failure. Furthermore, while you think you’re saving money by staying away from the auto shop, you’re paying for it at the pump.

You should get your oil changed a often as your car’s user manual states, which could be anywhere from between 3,000 to 12,000 miles. However, when you do need to an oil change, don’t waste time with slow service and unprofessional technicians. At Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar, we won’t waste your time. You can wait in our lobby while we service your car and be on your way sooner than you think.

Brake Inspection, Brake Service, and Brake Repair

Brake issues are also a common, regular service need for many Harris County residents. Depending on how often you bring your car in for a brake check, you can prevent the need for costly repairs and replacements. Let us do a brake inspection and we’ll let you know how much longer we think you can go before needing new brake pads. We’ll also make sure your brake lines don’t have any holes. Without brake fluid, which we also check when we perform an oil change, your car won’t stop. We take brake inspections seriously and will let you know right away if we have any concerns. If you need brake service, we can have a car from enterprise waiting for you outside. Your life doesn’t have to stop just because your car won’t. 

The most common brake service is brake pad replacement. You brake pads naturally wear every time you apply the brakes. While some brake pads can last up to 70,000 miles, the average is usually somewhere around 30,000. Proper brake pad and rotor installation can make all the difference in the lifespan of your brake pads. The brake pads need to properly touch the rotors in order to smoothly stop your vehicle. If someone other than a professional installs your brake pads, you may end up spending more money. You’ll need repairs or replacements more often that if you would’ve let our certified technicians do the work.

General Repairs at 77084 Kwik Kar Lube

In addition to oil change and brake service, our technicians also provide several general repairs. Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar features a full service repair facility. We have computer diagnostics equipment that we use to identify electrical and mechanical issues. Furthermore, we give state safety inspections and emissions tests for all vehicles. Other auto systems we repair include:

  • A/C and Heating Systems
  • Engine and Transmission
  • Drive Systems
  • Fuel System
  • Ignition Components
  • Steering System
  • Suspension System
  • Wheel Alignment

Within each category, we provide extensive auto services. For example, fuel system repair services include fuel pumps, injectors, pressure regulators, filters, and more. To view more info about the repairs we perform, visit this page. Better yet, you can call us to learn what specific services we offer for your vehicle. It’s impossible to list every service only, but with a quick call we can answer any questions you have.

Beyond repairs, we offer even more services, such as:

  • Battery Replacement
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Tune-Up
  • Belt or Hose Replacement
  • Wiper Blade Installation
  • Tire Pressure Check (FREE!)
  • State Inspection

As mentioned before, we perform state safety inspections. As an Official Texas State Vehicle Inspection Station, we can inspect all vehicles. Whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, or RV, come to us for an inspection and emissions test. We also have all the forms you need to transfer your vehicle registration to the state of Texas. We’re right down the street from the Harris County Courthouse. That means we can inspect your vehicle and you can drive right over and get your license plates. As you can see, we save your time in more ways than one.


Visit 77084 Kwik Kar Lube for Fast Auto Service

Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar is unmatched in term of speed and customer service. In fact, speed is an aspect of our customer service. We understand how valuable your time is. Call us at (281) 345-6500 or contact us online to schedule your next service appointment. Once you experience truly fast auto service, you’ll never go back to waiting at the auto shop all day. Sure, you could get some reading done in that other place. But Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar is for people with better places to be. As for us, there’s nothing else we’d rather do than ensure your safety and get you back in the road in your own car. When you need fast 77084 Kwik Kar lube, oil, or repair service, you now know who to call.

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