77084 Brake Service


How long have you been trying to find an auto repair shop to perform your 77084 Brake Service? Did you know that Deerfield Auto Repair & Kwik Kar has served the 77084 area and Houston TX for over 15 years? We’re open six days a week and perform all kinds of auto repair service. Whether your issue is mechanical or electrical, bring your vehicle to Deerfield Kwik Kar for car service.

You want to know more about brakes before you visit the auto repair shop. Perhaps a technician has given you the run-around before, and you want to be informed. Deerfield Kwik Kar is a family-operated repair shop that treats you like family. We tell you what you need and what can wait. Also, we don’t mind explaining things to you so that you can make a more informed decision. Plus, we maintain service records for each of your vehicles. That way, we help you keep up with your maintenance schedule and can predict costly repairs.

What Are The Main Brake System Components?

The main brake parts differ slightly depending on what type of car you have. Generally, brake systems include a pedal, fluid, master cylinder, brake lines, wheel cylinders/calipers, pads/shoes, and rotors/drums. Each brake part acts on another brake part to achieve the desired result (a stopped vehicle). Damage to any one part of the system impacts braking ease and stopping distance.

Brake fluid is the part of the brake system that makes everything happen. Without sufficient, clean brake fluid, your car will not stop. The brake lines rush the brake fluid to the calipers when you press on the brake pedal. The calipers hold the brake pads, which press against the rotors to stop them. If you have a car with brake drums instead of rotors, the process is only slightly different. In either case, you can see how each brake component depends on another. A technician must perform an extensive inspection to ensure that all parts run smoothly.

We won’t know what type of service your vehicle will need before an inspection. However, we know some of the most common brake service needs. We provide a list below to give you an idea of the types of services we perform. Do not attempt to perform any of the following repairs yourself. 

77084 Brake Service

What Are The Most Common Types of 77084 Brake Service?

Brake Pad Replacement. You may need to replace your brake pads if your brakes squeak when you brake. Your brake pads can withstand high mileage, but you can expect to replace them after about 30,000 miles. How often you replace the brake pads depends on several factors. Brake pads stop your car when they press or push against your brake rotors or drums. Brake pads also protect other brake parts from touching. Because driving habits, driving conditions, and the materials your brake pads are made of all have an impact, it’s hard to predict when you’ll need replacements. That’s why a routine brake check is vital.

Brake Fluid Issues. If you have a fluid issue, the actual problem could be any one of various parts. The master cylinder, which holds the fluid, could be damaged. In another case, a brake line may have a hole. You’ll have trouble stopping your vehicle when brake fluid is low or contaminated. Therefore, pay attention to if you must press the brake pedal down to the floor to come to a stop, or smell burning coming from near your car tires. Call a tow truck right away and bring your car to Deerfield Kwik Kar. We may need to perform a simple brake flush to remove gunk from the brake lines. If a line is majorly damaged, we’ll have to replace it entirely.

Rotor Replacement. All brake parts, besides perhaps the pedal, are subject to extreme heat, friction, and pressure. Rotors, in particular, can bend to the will of these strong forces. We replace warped, bent, or uneven rotors as needed. Rotors must be even to ensure a smooth driving experience. Your car will pull to one side when you’re driving with unbalanced rotors.

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How Long Can I Wait Before Going To The Mechanic?

The longest you should wait between inspections is typically six months. An auto shop should rotate your tires every six months, so you’ll already be planning a visit to the auto shop anyway. Our technicians will take a look at your brakes as well.

If you experience difficulty braking or handling your vehicle, bring your car to Deerfield Kwik Kar immediately. There’s no way to tell whether the cause of your problems is simply dirt accumulation or a more serious systems failure. Furthermore, why take the risk? Wait too long to get repairs, and you may wind up damaging other parts of your car. When you finally come in for repairs, they’ll be much more expensive than a quick inspection or preventative maintenance.

Certain problems should be dealt with immediately. No matter where you’re headed, turn around and drive straight to our auto repair shop. If you smell burning or see smoke coming from your wheel, your car needs service immediately. It may even be wise to call a tow truck. Don’t worry about missing work. When you service your vehicle at Deerfield Kwik Kar, you get special rates for Enterprise Rent-a-Car. We’ll have a rental car delivered right to our door, and you can get to wherever you need to go. As soon as we get your vehicle running again, we’ll give you a call.

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Deerfield Kwik Kar provides exceptional auto service and brake repair service to Harris County residents and visitors. Our customer service ratings are among the highest in the area. We perform a wide variety of car repair and maintenance services, including brake checks and annual inspections. Our family-operated auto shop has served the area for over 15 years and plans to serve local families for many more. Call us today at (281) 345-6500 or contact us online to learn more about our 77084 brake service.

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