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Keeping your car in shape is a great way to save money and time. Maintenance repairs do wonders to your vehicle’s longevity. Things such as oil changes, regular tune-ups, and wheel alignments will keep your car out of the repair shop and on the road as it should be.

Having a car running as efficiently and smoothly as possible should be a big priority for drivers. A car will run much better when maintained properly. Forgetting to check on oil changes or wheel alignments will eventually take a big toll on a car’s overall well being.

Importance Of Wheel Alignments

Your car will surely appreciate having properly aligned tires. Unbalanced tires can lead to other problems involving your engine. Wear and tear will increase and the overall health of your car may be compromised.

Causes Of Bad Alignment

There are many different things that can knock your wheels out of alignment. The most common cause for alignment issues is sudden jarring or heavy impacts. Things such as hitting potholes, bumping curbs and even minor accidents can cause one or more of your wheels to come out of alignment.

Even just regular wear and tear can cause your car to come out of alignment. When parts such as shocks, suspension springs, and other parts start to age, they start to wear out and develop gaps or larger tolerances. This causes slack in steering, loosened control, and a shift in wheel alignment. Regular maintenance checks will prevent most alignment issues from appearing.

What Are The Effects Of Bad Alignment?

If your vehicle’s wheels go out of alignment, it will suffer in various ways. One thing that will surely happen is your handling capability dropping dramatically. When wheels are not lined up straight, the ability to turn in either direction is dramatically inhibited. You will probably also struggle to drive in a straight line, consistently swerving to one side.

Driving with wheels that are not aligned will come back to impair the lifespan of your tires. When wheels are out of alignment, they will wear unevenly. This will cause you more money as you’ll have to replace them more frequently.

How Do I Know If My Alignment Is Off?

We have gone through the effects of bad alignment, now we can go into how you can determine whether your tires are not aligned. There are a number of signs of bad alignment. When you rotate your tires, check for patterns of wear in the tire tread. If one of your car’s tires consistently shows more wear, then it likely to be out of alignment.

Testing the way your car drives can also tell you if you have an alignment problem. Unexpected drifts to one side when driving when the wheels are pointed straight could indicate one or two wheels are out of alignment. The easiest way to tell if your alignment is off is by checking your steering wheel when you’re driving straight. If your wheel is off while driving straight, then you’re alignment is surely off.

Benefits Of Wheel Alignment

There are plenty of benefits for having properly aligned wheels. The safety it provides is very important but there are additional perks that come with a wheel alignment.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Some studies show that unbalanced wheels can decrease gas mileage by up to 10%. Misaligned tires will drag instead of rolling freely. The basic concept here is that if your tires are not adjusted, you will be spending more money. A wheel alignment could assist your car in conserving fuel, resulting in fewer gas stops.

Smoother Ride

When your tires are not aligned, you’ll notice your vehicle tending to pull to the left or right. This causes a bumpy, jarring, and/or even vibration-filled ride. Getting your wheels aligned will smooth out your ride and contributes to a better experience behind the wheel.

Steering Improvements

If your car has wheels that are out of alignment, it will be harder to steer. You may even notice that you hold the steering wheel a little bit more to a specific side. This type of effect will increase your chances of getting involved in an accident.

Fewer Auto Damages

The roads are very rough out there. If your car’s wheels are not properly aligned, even a little jolt could lead to big problems, hitting a pothole could cause way more damage to both tires and suspension with a bad alignment. Investing a small amount of money on a wheel alignment could help you save lots of money by preventing any expensive car repairs.

Long-Lasting Tires

Misalignment will eventually lead to premature and uneven tire wear. If you don’t take care of your wheel alignment in time, you’ll end up buying new tires more often. To check your tires, look for these three types of uneven or premature tire wear.

  • Feathering: This means that the tread is smooth or worn down on one side and sharp on the other side. This type of wear occurs when there are multiple improper alignment settings.
  • Camber Wear- Camber wear refers to the angles of your tires on the vehicle frame. Camber can be either positive or negative depending on the angles. A positive camber normally helps recreational vehicles stay stable. Negative camber is great to help performance vehicles handle turns effectively.
  • Heel and Toe Wear- Imagine your car’s tires being zoomed in. The individual sections are called tread blocks. If one trade block looks more worn than one on the other side, it’s considered a heal and toe wear. A symptom for this type of wear is noise or vibration.

77084 Alignment Shop

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